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About Us

We are a travel agency known as Camelot Travel & Tours. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, we’ve served the area for more than 20 years, and have always worked hard to satisfy each and every one of our customers.

Our highly experienced and motivated team can help you with any travel needs you might have, including business trips, individual tours, and all-inclusive travel packages. If you have any special needs, we can help you as well, as we have years of experience in planning destination weddings, corporate travel, South Pacific trips, adventure travel, cruises, culinary experiences, and wellness travel.

Our experience.

We’ve planned thousands of successful journeys all around the world, so we have plenty of useful connections to get better deals on transportation and accommodation. We can also provide you some valuable advice to get the most out of your trip.

Everything in one place.

You won’t have to browse through hundreds of websites and make even more calls to plan your trip, as we’ll do everything for you, including booking plane tickets, hotels, guides, local expert services, and trips to unfamiliar destinations.

Staying on budget.

When you set off on a trip that you planned yourself, you usually spend more than you would if you booked it with us. A well-planned journey minimizes the need of unexpected expenses, allowing you to spend no more than you’ve planned to.

Helping with the unexpected.

Stuff happens. You might miss your flights, you might get lost in an unfamiliar country, and you might lose your money or your passport. But if you book your trip with us, we’ll always help you to get through all the problems and get back on the way as soon as possible.

Do you want your next business or leisure trip to be hassle-free, smooth, and absolutely enjoyable? We’ll provide exactly what you’re expecting at your designated budget.

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